Salt & Sage is an private event space inside a home with an open-plan entertainment floor that leads onto a balcony with private pool and 180 degree sea views. The two best features of the space is the state-of-the-art open plan kitchen where cooking, eating and learning take place and the wide open balcony, the perfect place to absorb and take in the wonderful sunsets. 
Chef Kimberly Jordan opened the space in 2019 and has been hosting small, private events for groups of family, friends and corporate teams who are looking for something different from the ordinary restaurant dining experience.


I was born and bred in the melting pot of cuisines and cultures that is Durban, KZN. After matriculating from a boarding school in the Midlands, I went on to study and graduate with a Business Science (Honours) Degree in Marketing, at the University of Cape Town.
Upon graduating, I landed a prestigious internship at on South Africa’s top Digital Marketing Agencies and although I was collecting all the ingredients and following every step in the ‘Recipe for Success’ – I realised there was something missing. The presentation was perfect, but I came to find little fulfilment in the finished product, wandering “Is this what it’s all about?”
Vincent van Gogh once said: “Normality is a paved road; It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it”
After years of trying to find out what I wanted to ‘do’ with my life, and trying to ‘do’ it all perfectly, I grew to understand that life should be less about ‘doing’ and more about ‘being’…And there is no place where I can ‘be’ more unapologetically myself and ever-present than I can ‘be’ in a kitchen.