With the interactive cooking option there is no ‘competitive element’ and the whole group cooks together to create a few meals/dishes throughout the evening. All gathering around the kitchen island, with a glass of wine, some will make the salad, chop the tomatoes while the music and chatting flows.



The group is split into 2 teams and given a “hero ingredient”. With this hero ingredient recipes/cookbooks are given to inspire and guide the teams. They will be assisted by one of the Salt & Sage staff and tasked to create an amazing, delicious and creatively presented dish, within a certain timeframe and given certain criteria.

There is an open pantry of fresh and dry goods to create their meals from. The two groups will then sit down to enjoy the meals that everyone cooked together.


Private Dining

Like your own private restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful views, relax at the dining table while the chefs cook in front of you and serve the menu selected and curated by you.


Team building

Something special when people cook together, barriers are broken down and people feel they can be themselves and open up. We offer an opportunity and platform to come together outside of the office and get to know each other better, in a relaxed and fun environment. 

Special Occasions

Do something special for this year’s birthday or anniversary. So much better then going out for an ordinary two-dimensional dinner. Here you and your closest friends and family are immersed in the action and alongside the chefs, help plate the dishes all in a beautiful venue next to the ocean.

Kitchen Teas/Bachelorettes

We  can custom design the perfect event for the bride-to-be, whether its’s her favourite dish demo’d or cooked in front of her, cupcake decorating, a masterchef element or add a pamper part to the experience and get pedi’s for all the girls.

End-of-year functions

If you want something intimate and unique then this is the perfect venue. We offer beautiful cocktails and canapes for up to 30 guests and can even include a food demo or masterclass to those who are interested. We really can tailor it to your requests.